About Us
About Us
Founded in the Ciddi Mutfak in Cyprus, Kyrenia - Nicosia - Famagusta and abroad throughout the regions of the showrooms serving the island's largest Kitchen & Decoration company in the TRNC.

Our company's kitchen, wardrobe, doors, flooring products, along with the production and sale of decorating services. Ciddi Mutfak  Ltd.. expand the possibilities of modular kitchen design, tailor-made to meet all the needs in the kitchen as a priority is addressing the different solutions can meet the customer's expectations and, accordingly, a variety of product range, increasing with each passing day.

Quality always comes first serious as a cuisine with a sense of all the products we produce, adopt high quality standard. Designing and producing projects, work physiology, ergonomics, space utilization and development of technology in the best way we benefit.

Living areas are always ready to innovate with the aim to make it more useful. Materials, design, technical, design and production of the highest standards aim. We aim to deliver of quality at every stage of the design of each product. Our products are under the guarantee of a Ciddi Mutfak, post-installation service We're our customers is with our services.

Ciddi Mutfak is a free design service, Ciddi Mutfak Design are Professionals and is given by. Serious experts working in the kitchen stores, kitchen design, in addition to their own knowledge and sales techniques training, knowledge of new trends, products and materials that contain so many issues are beginning to serve after a long training process. Ciddi Mutfak, has all the stores in the quality of services to all customers by the public relations department, the 'Customer Satisfaction Survey' and picking up.

Our Mission
According to the expectations of our customers to provide them with the best quality at affordable prices, without compromising on quality standards that we have the experience, knowledge and better quality products using cutting-edge technological equipment to remove medium, and the awareness of our name in the industry to protect and ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Vision
Alternative product offerings, accurate service and reasonable price policy to keep the  customer satisfaction at a maximum to meet the needs and time. Followed by all the innovations of the era, while providing our people with  smiling face these innovations to ensure customer satisfaction is our main principle.

Quality Policy
The dream kitchen is to provide you the best quality products and the best quality of service with the understanding that our confidence in our company is today the largest reference from proving himself. Our greatest gift of relaxation our kitchen. Your satisfaction is our pride and joy.

See as the most important value to our customers and act like going to touch the hands of the customer forever is the main idea of our quality policy. Quality of our customers the most basic and natural right. Employees and suppliers to ensure that you perform a complete customer satisfaction, sales points for everyone from executives is an essential task.

Education, research and development, technology and design that makes the real key to the success and quality factors, their investment in the future of the brand as an investment in quality and continuous improvement, and we believe what we see.

Principles Of Service
Ciddi Mutfak 's, quality and modern management approach adopted is based on 100% customer satisfaction. This understanding is not only the product quality, sales and service processes involving all sizes of enterprise aims to accomplish.

To achieve this, each of our employees, business to own, to take responsibility, to use initiative in the field, must have all the necessary knowledge and skills.

As important as the quality and value of the service, to offer her a suitable cost and price. This is a responsibility that we ourselves, for our customers too. Products and services produced in a timely and necessary, does not make any sense. The desired product, and promised to give time and qualifications, as well as ourselves, that we respect our customers is a natural result.

Openness, Transparency and Integrity in the most basic properties that give rise to the confidence of our customers. All work and services, recognize the need to protect it.
   Ciddi Mutfak Ltd.
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